Monday, February 25, 2013

Shakeology and Eating Healthy

With swimsuit weather just around the corner, how many of you have already started pulling out the dreaded bathing suit?  I know it's not something that I have looked forward to in the past but during this past year I have made some healthy lifestyle changes and oddly enough having to pull out that swimsuit isn't something I am dreading.  With exercise and healthy eating I am on my way to a happy, healthier me. I'm not saying I look amazing in a swimsuit, what I'm saying is that for once in my life I feel comfortable in my body because I know that I am making changes that in turn will help me be a better version of me.

Starting on March 8, I'm teaming up with a friend of mine and we are going to be hosting another Cleaner Eating Challenge.  The Challenge is focused for 7 days, but we are hoping you will want to stick around for a full 30 days so that you can create a habit of exercise and healthy eating.  After all, we know that it takes approximately 21 days to create a habit. I have participated in the challenge in the past and it really helps me clean up my bad habits when they start to slip.  Also, with this challenge I will  be participating. What fun would it be to just host, right?  I love a good challenge and it's always a great one.

6 months progress for me (same swimsuit).  I started with Chalean Extreme, then into
 Les Mills Pump and currently P90X.This picture was taken on Feb. 8th so approx.
1 week into P90X.

A friend of mine. She started Brazil Butt Lift and Shakeology in Nov.
She is a mom of 4 kids and has lost 12 pounds and 17" in 2 1/2 months
What is involved?
This will be a private group on Facebook and unlike my currently accountability group this challenge does require you to drink Shakeology once a day and to workout. I do ask that you check in daily as a way to keep motivated and a way to motivate the ones around you.  You are welcome to post motivational quotes, healthy recipes, current struggles or just to say how great you are doing!

You can choose to use a current workout program and purchase Shakeology or grab a challenge pack for a great price!

I personally will be starting this challenge with P90X.  I am getting ready to kick off my second month in the program and this challenge will a great way for me to become more focused on my nutrition which has been very slack lately! I really want to give this program all that I have and while I am with my workouts, my eating just isn't the best. I know I am capable of doing much  better.  Also, Hip Hop Abs which is currently on sale (you can find more information HERE) would be a great one as well if you are a fan of dance workouts. I just recently purchased this program at the sale price and wait to check it out!

Also, if you have been debating on trying Shakeology for the first time, now is the time to do so!  As of April 1st, the $119.95 price will be gone forever.  By waiting or continuing to buy a la carte, you will end up spending over $22 more per month ($10 on price increase + 12 for shippping).  That's over $250 more per year!  There is good news to this though!  If you order before March 31, you will have the original price for LIFE!  Great news is that if you are currently on a home direct order or you even purchase before March 31 with HD, you are locked in with the current price as long as you don't cancel!!

Why the price increase?
  • To counteract the rising costs of fuel, shipping, and ingredients 
  • So they can continue to offer FREE shipping on HD orders
  • To preserve the integrity of their ingredients (rather than skimping or ordering from lower quality sources)
If you have any questions about this group or would maybe even be interested in joining a group at a later date, feel free to email me or to fill out this form. This will help me guide you in the right direction.

I do have to close on this one. Anyone that is familiar with P90X, Power 90, or even P90X2 has to love Tony Horton and his personality.  He recently made this fun video showing the value of Shakeology!  Check it out and did you know that Shakeology can also help you accelerate your results.

Free free to email me if you need more information on any programs or if you are currently without a BeachBody Coach. I would be honored if you put me down as your coach when you sign-up for a free account.  My coach id is sanderson76.  Also check out my facebook page.  It's full of motivation and results that I personally have gotten from the different workouts I have tried. 

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