Saturday, August 31, 2013

Finished Week 2 of Les Mills Pump Hybrid

I just wrapped up the end Les Mills Pump/Combat Hybrid and I feel fantastic! I am loving the workouts and still after every Combat workout my body is sore.  I can feel it the most in my shoulders and upper back. I admit though that the workouts are addictive.

My food choices were ok this week. Could they of been better? Yes they could and this coming week they will be a lot better.  No idea why I always have the urge to sabotage my workouts with bad food choices.  I am not doing all this alone but am also part of a Clean Eating Challenge Group and although I avoid the majority of the list that has been presented this week.  My only hard part is going to be with fake sugar.  I don't consume that except on Tuesday's when I have a meal bar on the go.  Time to head out today to pick up what I need to make my own protein bars which are much healthier anyway.

Workouts for this week went as follows:

Les Mills Pump and Shred
45 Minutes/352 Calories burned


Les Mills Combat 30
30 Min/287 Calories
Chalean Extreme Burn 1
30 min/231 Calories

Les Mills Pump and Burn and Hard Core Abs
45 Min/319 Calories

Les Mills Combat 45
45 Min/420 Calories

Les Mills Pump and Burn
30 Min/236 Calories

I absolutely love this hybrid so far.  It's challenging, fun and a great way to mix up workouts just a tad.  On average my calorie intake is ranging around 1400-1600 calories depending on the day but I am working at keeping them around 1600 calories. I haven't dropped any weight but my clothes are definitely fitting better which is a good thing.

Stay tuned for next weeks updates.

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