Saturday, August 3, 2013

Don't just rely on the scale

So many people focus on the scale as a way to see progress when they are working towards their goal of a healthy lifestyle and sadly the numbers on the scale can disappoint and discourage way too easy.  The other day I did a weigh in since I was starting my two week challenge of clean"er" eating and also did progress pictures since it was the first of the month.

After taking the pictures and seeing the number on the scale, I remembered around mid-November 2012 I weighed less but wore a bigger size.  So I pulled up those old pictures and put them side by side with the ones that I took the other day. While I obviously still have a way to go, I am still very pleased with how far I have come.  In the November pictures I had actually just finished my very first round of Chalean Extreme (the program that really encouraged me to get healthy).

Here is the pictures that I am referring to:

I now wear two sizes smaller than in the 132 pictures, but have more muscle.  

All in all what I'm getting at, is don't rely on the scale alone.  The scale can be very evil at times and can discourage quickly!  I not only take measurements but progress pictures as well.  Seeing how far you have come in pictures and measurements are both encouraging and an awesome way to stay on track!

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