Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beachbody Fuel Shot: BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!!!

Beachbody is also offering a LIMITED TIME Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer on Beachbody Fuel Shot from Aug. 14  thru August 31. Enhance performance and muscle endurance while reducing muscle fatigue with Fuel Shot. 

Get a full month’s supply of Fuel Shot – absolutely FREE - when you buy one Fuel Shot for $49.95 (while supplies last)

Blow past fatigue with a few sips of performance-enhancing calories. This dextrose- and maltodextrin-based energy drink is designed to drive nutrients into muscle fiber for greater strength during workouts and help replenish the glycogen and electrolytes lost after workouts.

Beachbody® Fuel Shot:
  • Instantly triggers an insulin response with its high glycemic index (GI), for more energy and faster recovery during and after workouts.
  • Contains vital electrolytes to keep you hydrated.
  • Supports muscle mass growth with a hefty calorie load.
  • Helps muscles absorb the protein and nutrients they need to recover, repair, and replenish themselves.
  • Contains no untested ingredients.
Free free to email me if you need more information on any program, supplements or if you are currently without a BeachBody Coach. I would be honored if you put me down as your coach when you sign-up for a free account.  My coach id is sanderson76.  Also check out my facebook page.  It's full of motivation and results that I personally have gotten from the different workouts I have tried. 

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