Friday, October 11, 2013

Week 8 of Les Mills Pump/Combat Hybrid

I know I have been slack when it comes to workouts lately.  Life has gotten busy and while I haven't fallen off track, I haven't really had time to update everyone here like I would like.  I am currently on week 8 of Les Mills Pump/Combat hybrid and loving every minute of it.   Not only is the workout going fantastic but I have also changed up our eating as I recently discovered that Gluten and Wheat do me no favors at all.

So far during this hybrid I am down one pound (not major but I'm ok with that) and I have lost 1/2" from my upper thigh, 1/2" from my waist and a 1/2" from my lower thigh.  I still have a goal of leaning out more and I know it will come in time.  I mean after all, look at the difference a year can make! The after pictures were taken yesterday.

This has been my progress so far with the hybrid.  I was frustrated that my results didn't show through in the pictures but the measurements are showing progress, so I'm happy with that. My shoulders are looking amazing, my glutes are coming a long nicely and my stomach is slowly shrinking. When I wrap up this program I am debating if I want to tackle Body Beast or head back to my trust P90X.

These are Day 1 of the hybrid and then week 8 which I am currently on. No visible changes that I can see when putting them side by side but my clothes are fitting much better.

So what has my food been looking like.  Here are a few pictures of the meals that I have been enjoying.
Spicy lemon paprika chicken thighs with kale 

Spinach with chicken, sweet potatoes, cranberries, onions and balsamic vinegar

Butternut Squash with extra lean ground beef, bacon, onions, cinnamon and other stuff

Chicken with broccoli, cauliflower, onions, coconut milk and seasoning

Pumpkin Recovery Shake

Breakfast Omelette 
I am staying full, energized and slowly getting my days back on schedule!! I also promise to start updating more here as well.  I hate to start telling you guys that I am doing something and then not following up, but as you can see I am still on track and loving every minute of it.

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