Monday, August 26, 2013

Time sure does fly

I can't believe that I just wrapped up a month of the Les Mills Pump Hybrid.  This was only a 30 day challenge and it involved combining the Les Mills Pump workouts along with the dvd's that are in the deluxe set.  So three days a week I was doing Combat, Step or Sports Attack.  I haven't dropped weight or inches which is no big deal. Usually it takes getting to month two to really start seeing changes. I did noticed that by the end I wasn't struggling to get through the cardio workouts and was able to squat lower and jump higher.

I have decided to not repeat this particular workout but to start a 3-month hybrid for Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat.  I kicked that off on Wednesday and was super surprised to find that my upper arms, shoulders and abs were sore today with just throwing punches.  It feels like I did some major lifting which I didn't.  My goal at the end of the three months is to be able to lean out just a tad and maybe shed a bit of the fat that tends to be holding on.

As you all know I have been changing my eating habits and all is going good there.  I am going to start experimenting a little more in that area and hoping to expand my menu.  I am terrible at eating the same thing over and over again. While it's fine for me, it can get a little boring for all of you when I always seem to update with the same menu. :)  

Workouts went great last week and food choices were pretty good.  Here is a look at my week in workouts last week:

Les Mills Pump Extreme: 
60 Min/461 calories burned



Les Combat 30
30 Min/331 Calories Burned

Les Mills Pump and Shred 
45 Min/ 394 Calories Burned

Les Mills Combat 30
30 Min/330 Calories Burned

Les Mills Pump and Burn
30 Min/ 260 Calories

Always remember that everyone has different calorie burn.  I just put mine there to give you an idea of what my workouts look like daily.

Here is a one of the meals that I had this week. I am going to start trying to do better with snapping pictures, but like I mentioned earlier my meals are pretty much the same a lot of times.

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